Alexakis Accounting Office we stand by the individual in every accounting issue whether this is accounting advice for starting a new business or for completing his personal tax return. We pay special attention to the careful completion of the tax return of the individual by examining all the provided data, in conjunction with the existing legislation.

Our Accounting Services include:

  • Completion and submission of initial Tax Returns (Ε1, Ε2, Ε9).
  • Completion and submission of supplementary or amending Tax Returns (Ε1, Ε2, Ε9, Property tax).
  • Tax planning, calculation and completion of the consumption form of already taxed capital to cover purchase or living expenses.
  • Tax Representation of any foreign resident who has any type of financial transactions in Greece.
  • Printing a valid settlement note (debt identity) of tax payment and return through bank (e-banking verification).
  • Printing of pensioners' salary certificates from Insurance Funds.
  • Official update of taxpayer’s personal data changes in the Tax Office.
  • E-Notification of tax office about change of residence address.
  • E-submitting of Leasing in the Tax Office.
  • E-data change submission (Residence address, ID card number, other personal data).
  • Concession of rents to the Greek State to avoid taxation of uncollected rental incomes.
  • Receipt of the unique identification code that allows you to access your taxes electronically via the internet - via taxisnet: track various issues, submit, view history etc.
  • Issuance of a new Tax Identification Number.
  • Settlement of certified debts to tax office.
  • Debt settlement in funds (OGA, OAEE, EFKA) in KEAO.
  • Debt settlement in I.K.A.
  • Receipt of tax update via internet (in case of non-existence of debts) or from tax office (in case of existence of debts for which a settlement has been made).
  • Printing of traffic fees.
  • Printing of electronic payment (e-paravolo).
  • TAXIS data prints (Income tax return, Income tax clearance note, payment ID, etc.).
  • Completion and submission of the statement "FORM A21" for receiving child benefit.
  • Completion and submission of Application for oil - heating allowance.
  • Printing of IKA insurance stamps.
  • Monitoring and payment of salaries of a domestic assistant, gardener, cleaner, etc. Completion of obligations arising from the employment relationship (Certificate of Remuneration, Detailed Periodic Statement of IKA, etc.).
  • In case of construction of a building, completion and submission of a Detailed Periodic table of IKA, of construction works.
  • Applying for a social dividend.
  • Apply for a student allowance.
  • Submitting an application for NSRF Kindergartens.
  • Apply for pension applications.
  • Issuance of Energy Performance Certificates.
  • In case you intend to exercise professional activity, we offer explanation of data of legal, tax framework and your advice for the selection of Legal form of business (Individual, EE, OE, I.K.E, Ltd., SA) with the aim of the best possible legal protection with the lowest possible tax cost. We undertake all start-up tasks, regardless of the legal form.
  • Completion of tasks in Public Services (Tax Office, IKA, OAEE, etc) related to your activity. 

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