At Alexakis Accounting Office we guarantee the quality of the services provided. Our goal is for our customers to be happy to have received high quality tax services, to be secured against the auditing authorities, free from accounting concerns. We want to contribute to the creation of profitable and healthy businesses, which expand and provide very good living conditions to their members.

Our Accounting Services include:

  • Starting a business of any legal form (Individual, OE, EE, Ltd., I.K.E., SA).
  • Complete provision of Accounting and Tax Services to businesses. Keeping Accounting books of all categories (haplographic or diplographic). The keeping of the books and the provision of our services can be done:
    • In our offices, by undertaking and completing the entire Accounting of a company.
    • At your offices, with notification of Accounting by our specialized partner.
    • Under the supervision and control of the Accounting of your business, which will be informed by your employee.
    • In case your needs are different, we jointly shape our framework of cooperation, so that it fully covers you.
  • Tax technical advice - business tax planning.
  • Coverage of company labor issues, regardless of the number of employees.
  • Full coverage of external operations of the Business Accounting in Public Services
  • Computerization Services of accounting offices.
  • Settlement of outstanding issues in Public Services of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor, regulations in Tax Offices, Insurance Funds.
  • Dealing with inspections by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor.
  • Company setup undertaking the entire process. Also, mergers, transformations, splits of companies.
  • Change or cessation of activity (closure) of a business.
  • Announcements, submission - modification of articles of association.
  • Accession of companies in subsidized programs of OAED.
  • Inclusion of business staff in subsidized OAED programs.
  • Completion of OAED key collection receipt actions.
  • For the best service of our clientele, as well as to speed-up our service, we can supply you with Accounting consumables which are related to the completion of our work (Invoices, Accounting Books, binder, stamp, etc.).
  • Provision of internal - external control services (regular and contingent) with modern methods.
  • Keeping haplographic and bibliographic accounting books in our offices or at the company's headquarters.
  • Submission of FMY.
  • Submission of VAT return.
  • Submission of consolidated statements of customers - suppliers of MYF.
  • Conversions - Mergers - Business Absorptions.
  • Preparation of financial statements, balance sheets - results for the year based on the Greek Accounting Standards.
  • Submission of income tax returns - form N- form of tax reform - E3 -E2.
  • Establishment of branches.
  • Monitoring and submission of declarations of intra-Community trade within the European Union and third countries.

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