External Affairs

Alexis Accounting Office handles with reliability and professionalism any kind of external work, such as:

  • Representation in all public services.
  • Payment of Taxes. Payment of Insurance Levy.
  • Issuance of tax and insurance information.
  • Submission of Schedule of Working Hours.
  • Submission of Staff Recruitment Announcement.
  • Payment of bills. 



Alexaki Accounting Office cooperates with the most reliable insurance companies, which offer the appropriate programs for everyone such us vehicles insurance, home, fire, health, life, as well as pension, always adapted to your personal needs and mainly to the financial possibilities.


Cooperation with insurance companies is essential in the modern business environment, since every business needs legal and financial protection. In addition to the well-known and wide range of needs offered by insurance companies, it is important to work with them, because in the context of a business sustainability, the creation of an "Environmental Responsibility" culture must be cultivated, which contributes greatly to risk management, but also in seizing opportunities. Also, the insurance companies today support the businesses which, utilizing smart technological innovations, have proceeded in dynamic green initiatives, which are a central focus for the EU, but also for the Greek Government.

Establishing a New Company

Alexakis Accounting Office provides you with documented and reliable advice on the establishment of private proprietorships as well as legal entities. Through our many years of experience, we guide you to the proper operation of the company from its establishment throughout its development. We offer optimization and financial well being solutions aiming at the growth of your business.

Real estate management

To Individuals or companies, who are active in the field of "Short-Term Leases" or in "Real Estate Management", the Alexakis Accounting Office has the knowledge and experience, to provide cumulatively or individually, the following services:

  • Registration of the Administrator, in the short-term lease register.
  • Registration of the property, in the short-term lease register.
  • Lease submission, in the short-term lease register.
  • Cancellation of a submitted Lease, in the short-term lease register.
  • Submission of an annual Income Beneficiary Declaration, in the short-term lease register.
  • Submission of Income Tax Return (E1), Real Estate Lease Statement (E2).
  • Keeping accounting books, completing tax obligations of a company with the use of "Short-term Leasing Services, Property Management", regardless of legal form (Individual or Company).
  • Informing you, for each Legislative change, new data concerning the specific activity. 

Audit Services

  • Alexakis Accounting Office provides internal and external control in order for the company to be aware of its results at any time and to prevent any unpleasant mishaps that may occur.
  • Preparation of budgets and financial statements so that there are no discrepancies in the financial statements of the legal entity.
  • Sustainability studies through business plan.
  • Diagnostic control for the proper operation of the business and tips for optimization with a documented report. 

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